Monday, 9 January 2012

Best Time To Buy Real Estate From HUD Foreclosures

What current real estate boom? There's not a week that goes by that CNN or Forbes or Fox News or your local paper media doesn't carry a major article about foreclosures, the housing surplus or more stringent financing by mortgage lenders. EXACTLY! It is the best time to buy Real Estate in decades primarily due to all those reasons, plus for the near term anyhow, the lowest interest rates and the cheapest home prices in our lifetime. This will drive the current real estate boom in 2012. Three times in my past I have bought at the "height" of the market, depending upon long term appreciation for the value of my homes to increase. Well the old model just doesn't work as well now but that can be overcome by adapting new strategies, such as bidding on HUD homes, that I'll cover in this and future articles.

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