Sunday, 27 November 2011

Aida flag now flying in Fishhoek

Aida National Franchises has acquired a new office in Fish Hoek with the conversion of an existing estate agency to the tried and trusted South African brand.

Co-owner Maggi-Mae Vidas says the office, established in 2008, has built up a sound market presence and she looks forward to introducing Aida's expertise and solid reputation to the existing client base. Aida Cape Lifestyle Homes will serve the whole Cape Peninsula market.

Maggi-Mae says investors are still buying holiday properties in the area although sales are slower as investment buyers take their time to source good value. "Our core market remains local buyers who are attracted by the comfortable lifestyle offered in Fish Hoek and surrounds.

"The area is still very popular among retirees who prefer a comfortable seaside lifestyle within reach of a host of amenities. And then, of course, the more temperate climate here clinches the deal for many retirees as well as family buyers. Superb views are an added bonus for many."

The area has a wide variety of properties on offer, including entry-level flats at prices from R500 000, comfortable family homes starting at about R1m and luxury homes with price tags of up to R10m.

Maggi-Mae adds that the peninsula offers price advantages to buyers. "Properties here offer better value than similar areas closer to Cape Town's city centre while office workers can comfortably commute to workplaces by train.

"Another factor favouring Fish Hoek is that the area is very family-friendly. Good schools, a hospital, several banks offering forex, and a host of excellent restaurants are some of the conveniences that residents enjoy.

"And then there is the family-sized beach with lawns for comfortable weekend outings, while the local sailing club launching off the beach adds a touch of glamour. A resident Great White Shark has become something of a local mascot and attraction - but lifeguards make sure that swimmers remain safe when the predator puts in an appearance," she says.

Issued by Aida National Franchises
Aida head office: 012 682 9600
Contact: Young Carr
Aida Cape Lifestyle Homes: 021 782 9263 
Contact: Maggi-Mae Vidas

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