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Training the key to good deals, says Aida CEO Mr. Young Carr

Training the key to good deals, says Aida CEO Mr. Young Carr
09 June 2011

The real difference between top performing agents that continually achieve the best results for their clients and those who just muddle along is training, training and more training.

So says Aida CEO Young Carr, who notes that 98% of the agents and principals in SA’s favourite real estate group have already obtained the new NQF level 4 and 5 qualifications that will be compulsory after the end of this year and that the remainder are well on their way to qualifying before the deadline.

“This is an achievement in itself, considering that about 60% of the agents currently in the industry have not even begun the coursework and portfolio preparation required to qualify, but even more importantly it shows in the outstanding results our agents are able to achieve for our clients, despite the difficulties of the current market.”

Interviewed at the group’s recent national awards function, Carr said: “We believe education and training is the finest form of empowerment for estate agents, as envisaged in the new Property Charter, and we are committed to providing the opportunity and the means for many more people to build real careers in real estate.

“At the same time, we know that increasingly high levels of client service are the key to success in the real estate industry. With or without the Consumer Protection Act, homebuyers and sellers have a right to expect knowledgeable, ethical and utterly professional service from estate agents and our aim is to ensure that every Aida agent is trained to deliver that at all times and in all circumstances.”

As a member of the Jigsaw group, he notes, Aida is fortunate to have links with Ditasa - the Development Institute and Training Academy of Southern Africa - which Services Seta CEO Dr Ivor Blumenthal recently described as “the most successful, most effective and most sustainable group training organisation in SA, and definitely the one that other training providers in the services sector should emulate”.

Ditasa has 17 campuses around the country and immediate access to this fully-fledged education and training resource is one of the reasons Aida agents have been so quick to obtain their new qualifications. “It also means they can easily continue their training and increase their knowledge whenever they like – and we have now made this process of continuous education even more accessible by making courses available to our agents via the Internet.”

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